Digital and IT

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Most of our Business Consulting client engagements also call for Digital and IT Consulting expertise. In today’s ever increasing Digital economy, the lines between Business and IT are blending into each other, creating challenges that require the very best of both disciplines. To address this, Kempt Road Consulting Inc. has grown its professional services portfolio by adding Consulting services for Digital and IT. As a result, we’re offering

  • Digital Marketing – from Strategy over Campaigns to Insights
  • IT Consulting for Social Media, E-Commerce and Content Management Systems
  • IT Architecture Advisory for Solution Delivery and Enterprise Architecture scenarios
  • IT Project Management Office
  • IT Security

We complement our Business Consulting expertise with supporting our clients in optimizing Business and IT alignment. To this end, we help our clients both in project management and staff augmentation engagements as well as in training and coaching settings by

  • Examining a client’s organizational architecture
  • Analyzing business requirements and translating these into both IT requirements and organizational requirements
  • Acquiring, building, modifying and connecting IT resources throughout the organization
  • Designing, installing, validating, secure and error-proofing new and existing IT systems
  • Assembling reports and presenting information on all management levels
  • Developing requisite documentation and training users
  • Supporting our clients in running and troubleshooting on software systems and IT services in operations